Friday, 10 January 2014

A long wet walk.

I took Manchee to the Country park for inspiration, but the weather turned on us half way through the walk.  We sheltered under some yew trees and then made a dash for one of the big picnic shelters.

Some poor TA trainees were jogging along, weighed down by back packs and getting thoroughly pelted by hail stones.  One looked into the shelter and did a massive double take at Manchee stood on a table :D
The rain continued and we stayed put, too far from the car to make a dash for it.
The hailstones were huge.  After photos were taken, Manchee ate them!!! He's sooo odd :D
Finally, the storm seemed to pass on and we managed to get back to the car before the next downpour, which then set in for the rest of the day!  Manchee didn't mind, he retreated under a blanket on the sofa and was happy :D

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Dartford Warbler said...

It`s always good to get out for a walk in any weather, but not during a hailstorm! A good thing that you found shelter.

Hope you have sunshine in the north of Hampshire today, as we do down in the Forest.