Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Yesterday was a pretty awful day and not one to be repeated in a hurry.  When we take animals into our lives, it's with the knowledge, deep in our souls, that they won't stay for nearly as long as we'd like. But we make that bargain with them, to care for them and to love them and in return they'll try not to break our hearts too soon. Having more animals than many people, it's a bargain I've made often and I'm sure will continue to make regardless of the risk of pain!

Some of you readers may remember Charm our little lion head rabbit from my old blog.  He was the son of our two 'boy' rabbits, BigWig and Lou (later renamed Lulu!). He used to have the free run of the garden, but escaped so many times, crossed so many roads and was found all over the village that we had to keep him in a run eventually, for his own safety and the sanity of various neighbours!
Here he is with Arnold our very elderly cat (19).

  Charm featured in our Alice in Wonderland blog post as the white rabbit under a spell that had turned him black!!! Moomin made such a sweet Alice and it was magical to see her in such a girly dress :D
Charm sadly left us yesterday at the age of 10.  A good age for a rabbit, I'm told, but I was still so very sad to let him go.  I buried him beside his parents and planted some shrubs on top.  There won't be any more rabbits in this household :(


rossichka said...

Poor innocent soul! It's so painful to lose a pet, but the lovely memories and the pics of all those happy moments together will cure you...
I remember the post about Alice (at least the last one if you have more) - it put the beginning of following your blog!:)

Yarrow said...

Oh thank you for your kind words Rossichka. I always wondered how you first found me :D

Bovey Belle said...

What a pretty rabbit he was Yarrow and what a lovely photo of him with Moomin. Happy memories.

Patricia Ellingford said...

Hugs Yarrow never easy letting them go but they give so much pleasure and unconditional love.I had a second hand rabbit (my father found her running the streets one night and ran after her and caught her and bought her home. We never found her owner. We think she was about ten when we lost her. Its a good age for a rabbit and just goes to show that you gave a good home.

Take care

Love and Light Pattypan


Yarrow said...

Thank you BB and PP for your kind words.x