Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Year New Work

But first, a couple of Christmas photos :D
My Welsh dresser was so much fun to decorate and I've even left the fairy light in place for those dull January days!
The Christmas tree, complete with glowing kitty!  Well, Gigi is our little Witchy cat :D  We decorated the tree with red this year and it's our little tradition to go to a garden center and each buy one really good decoration.  Next year we may go for wooden items, as my very old ones are getting worn out and tatty!
Bo had a new rug for Christmas and with this crazy weather, he's been  very grateful for it.  Merlin and Toffee have a field shelter, but that didn't stop Bo from showing off :D  Unfortunately, the rug doesn't hamper Bo's movements and he has jumped out of his paddock more than once.  I think he's part stag!!! (I can't wait until he's old enough to ride!!!).

My newest painting has been both pain and pleasure!  I'm loving all the tiny details and those are going so well, but the background just will not behave.  I realised that the atmosphere in the Studio is just too cold and damp for salt washes, so I've had to be creative!!!
This was the point of much hair pulling with the background getting ever uglier!!!
I painted that little fox again though and that cheered me up no end!!!
A little break and a lot of perspective always helps so I'm dragging the dog to the woods for a walk :D


laoi gaul~williams said...

i love the little fox :)
our tree slowly morphed into a red, white and green creation as this year i added some felt fly agaric and i too have left fairy lights over our big oak bookcase~they just look too magical on dark days and nights to take down.
we called Leveret our little witchy cat :)

rossichka said...

Your Christmas tree is lovely - I like the twinkling lights and the warmth and cosiness in your house!
I see you've thought of everything and everyone!:)
The fox "refreshed" the painting and I notice a lovely deer, too. Everything will come at its place, at its time, don't hurry...:)