Sunday, 19 January 2014


When you truly love what you do for work, it doesn't feel like work at all! That's my deep little quote for today and I know I'm paraphrasing someone greater who probably said it better, but you get the meaning!
I've been playing around with ideas, but somehow overdid things a bit and ended up getting stuck in an artist's rut!  Have any of you artists out there done that? Over thought a concept and then gone off it totally.  This first sketch was quite simple, but I wanted to achieve more and so achieved nothing!!!
Time to go back to square one and do some Manga sketches.  I love working from these, it's like ABC for the creative mind and I love the dynamic poses.  I watched some episodes of the anime 'Bleach' while I scribbled and it really helped.
I got tired of long flowing hair for my females, so the one below has had a severe 'chop' :D
While working on 'nothing in particular' I got the idea for a short series of paintings and I hope I can use the tea stained pages for at least one of them.  So maybe this post should really be entitled 'Hurrah for Manga and Anime'! 

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