Sunday, 26 January 2014


What would we talk about if our weather was boring or predictable???
The rain has been pretty persistent and some areas are having a far worst time of it than we are in my village. Only 5 or 6 miles from me some poor villagers are having to use sandbags to protect their homes, while in Somerset an entire village has been totally cut off with residents relying on a small boat to ferry them to higher ground!
You would think it would give me plenty of time to work at my art, but of course everything with the ponies takes twice as long in the deep, dragging mud.
I have had the chance to try out some new graphite pencils that I bought at Christmas and I'm completely in love with the soft creamy textures I can create now.
 During a break in the weather I managed to take poor Manchee out to stretch his legs.  He hates the rain, but loves a good long run, so I'm afraid he's been climbing the walls on the torrential days! At our nearby lake, the water level was the highest I've seen it.

The young swans are practicing looking elegant and when they've lost the last of their baby feathers, they'll blend in with all the other adults.  I like them at this stage though, they are still sooo beautiful.
 We had to negotiate a partially submerged boardwalk which wobbled and dipped alarmingly.  The ducks don't care though!
Back at home, the cats are equally bored with being stuck inside.  They've begun inventing new games.  This is 'lets be Cheshire cats' :D  If you're unlucky enough not to spot their hiding place, they'll give you a bop on the head as you walk past!  Piper's games are less inventive and simply involve running at high speed around the house.  No photos of that as she's just too quick!
Back at the field, I rearranged the chicken houses (again) and used Charms old rabbit hutch to replace one house that was falling apart.  Between 5 chickens, there are 4 cosy nest/roosting places and I'm thinking of increasing my flock in the coming months!  Just as I was finishing up, the rain began again and I was glad to get home. 


Bovey Belle said...

Those look like happy hens, with undercover places to scratch and play in, as well as their outside run. I'm glad Charm's hutch has found a new purpose in life.

I love the new pencils - they give a lovely soft muted drawing.

The weather has been horrific here - not so bad on the flooding as you folk further South and East of us, but wet most days. Today - power outage, and big hailstones, and then it tried to snow. Danny's in 43 degs. in Melbourne now . . . Jealous? Me?!!!

Abi said...

What a lot of rain.... we really need some badly.
I love the Chickens!!

Yarrow said...

You would think the chickens would be dry despite the rain, but no, they like to sit ON TOP of their runs!!!

I'll send some over to you Abi :D

Morning's Minion said...

I love the way cats will pretend to hide--a tail or whiskers may be on view, but they are convinced they are invisible.