Saturday, 1 February 2014

Turning Japanese?

A strange blog title, you may think, but all will become clear as you read further :D
So while the wind and rain continued to drown us in our homes I looked long and hard at the ponies field and wondered if it would be better used as a paddy field for rice!!! I don't think it's temperate enough for that really, but when you're slogging along up to you ankles in gooey mud, strange thoughts occur!
Back home, paintings continue to take shape.  This is the first in a series of Dragon Elementals - Air.
The second is going well and I'm loving it so much that I can't wait to finish/don't want it to end!!! It's such a strange feeling when paintings develop a personality and you want to continue the dialogue of creating but know that it will finish when the last drops of paint are dry!
Finally, my little tea-stained picture has been started and this is where the title of todays ramblings comes from.  I've been into Manga art and Anime for a long time, and it's a developing passion encouraged by my two teens.  Moomin wants to live in Tokyo and be an Anime artist for a big company she has her eye on and the Son wants to be an illustrator. So they've encouraged me to let my interests leak into my work.  I'm not sure where the picture will go, but it's a lot of fun playing with a coloured background, instead of the stark white of normal paper.
Moomin bought me this book before Christmas and it's just been compounding my love of Japanese culture.  Don't be fooled though, it's no sweet little fairy tale.  It's a tough look at life for a young Japanese girl in modern day Tokyo. The opening chapter was a little shocking and so I put the book down for a while, but now that I've got past that, I can't stop reading.  I've not been gripped by a book like this for a very long time.  Of course, we're now eating a lot of Sushi and stir fries and we took a trip to our Asian food market for some dim sum wrappers, so it will be dumplings for supper (and lunch and breakfast, haha!)
Finally, I just had to share this picture of Finn as he made us laugh sooo much lying on some old towels on a very hot radiator.  I think he has his leg out to cool down, but doesn't want to give up his spot in case one of the others takes it.  He needn't worry as Gigi is the only other cat able to sleep on a hot radiator and she was in my bedroom! It can't be good for them, surely!!!


Bovey Belle said...

Danny has a very good book on Japanese mythology, and I think is quite fascinated by the different culture. I hope your children get their heart's desires - then you will be standing where I am now - waving them goodbye to the other side of the world!

Your art work is looking good and I am glad you're enjoying it so much. I have to say the book sounds very different from what you normally read, but just what you need at the moment perhaps?

Yarrow said...

I'll travel with them BB ;)

rossichka said...

You've inspired and continue to inspire your children. But they can inspire you, too...:) How nice!
Let their dreams come true!
It must be very exciting to live in such an artistic family!:)))

I'm eager to see the painting, influenced by Manga and Anime. My son has several Manga books, too. He used to draw in that style some years ago.:)

rossichka said...

Can you send me your address, please?:)))))))))