Sunday, 2 March 2014

Internet - resource or distraction?

Just recently I've found myself being inspired by so many images and artists that I reached a point of overload.  I started to lose track of my own voice as an artist and what it was I was trying to say in my pictures.  My style was losing strength as I began to just look at art rather than produce it.

A break was needed.  I switched off my laptop and just focused on my home and loved ones.  I began to simply observed those around me and reconnected to the images that truly inspire me.  My animals.  It was good to just sketch and scribble.  The Studio was reorganised, yet again, and a few new supplies were purchased.

 Although the Studio was organised, as you can see, my work area itself is quite chaotic!  I have quite an assortment of pencils and erasers for this style of picture!

Lots of sketches were made in my lovely brown paper book, given to me by the Moomin :D
 They were then fleshed out on a fine grain white pad.
 The stag in the first picture started out as a few simple lines which were then filled out with a paper smudger.
 More detail and tonal values were added with graphite sticks and more smudging.
 My favourite propelling or mechanical pencil is great for creating texture and hair details while the highlights were lifted out with a little mechanical eraser.
 The finished piece simply called The Stag.
 I enjoyed the process so much that I started again!  Smudging and creating tonal values.
 Beginning to fill in the details.
This is so restful compared to painting, although I know my palettes will soon be calling me back to the world of colour.  But for now, I have a few other sketches to develope and of course, my own sweet cats are going find themselves in the spotlight soon enough.  I don't lack for inspiration with them!  There is also a tentative picture for a charity raffle in the pipeline, but more of that to come :D


Bovey Belle said...

Your stags are VERY good indeed. That rough coat on the first one - I feel that he's just been out in the rain on Exmoor!

The 2nd one is more masculine and you have captured his bellowing call perfectly - the stance, and the tension in the head and neck. Brilliant.

Yarrow said...

Thank you BB, I'm glad you approve :D

rossichka said...

It's good (and so important) to listen to your inner self!Especially in art. I find drawing of animals very difficult, but you make it so elegantly and as if without efforts. Your animals have characters, I like The Stag very much!:)

laoi gaul~williams said...

such beautiful, amazing work!

Yarrow said...

Thank you my dears :D (blush!)