Sunday, 30 March 2014

Two of my graphite pictures have been made into prints and will be in the Etsy shop and on my website soon.  They can be bought unmatted and on pearl archive paper for £5.00 plus postage, or matted and printed on cotton rag for £10. plus postage.
The cotton rag paper is excellent quality and looks just like an original on watercolour paper!
Another deer painting in the early stages.  There are times during a painting when I simply despair that it will come right.  This is midway and I'm beginning to feel hopeful!
To give you an idea of my working conditions in a house of cats, I'm often interrupted and called upon to sort out disputes or deal with sudden onset hunger among other issues.  If I try to ignore the situation, I'm either pestered until sanity flees or pay the consequence of cats trying to feed themselves!  A congregation of the sort below, usually means trouble especially when accompanied by much yowling! The issue was with Gigi, who was under the table.  Closer investigation revealed the little chap below!
This little guy was soaked from the rain (or maybe Gigi's mouth!) and was such a pitiful sight that I found myself wanting to save a least one mouse life this week. I've had numerous gifts of bodies all week and I think the cats have either found a nest or the mice are desperate to come in and only realise their mistake when it's too late! I made a wee nest in a donut box and fed a little muesli.  I was so shocked to find that he/she was still alive the next morning.
After a small breakfast of a hunny nut cornflake, we took our visitor to a nearby farm, no longer in use, and set him free where hopefully there will be peace and quiet and no cats to find him!
I just adore that tiny little face and feel some little felted animals need to be made :D


Bovey Belle said...

Lovely artwork - and superb painting in progress.

Glad you saved the wee mousie and found him a safe new home!

Yarrow said...

Thank you BB. Yes, I'm a softie for the wild creatures, even foolish ones!

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh so glad you saved one little life! we saved a starling baby last night who must have fallen from one of the nests in our roof. i went to bed and heard two weird noises so peeked out the bedroom to see the ghostly shape of magpie leaping and chasing something with his black and white friend nelson watching on. i bellowed to swampy to get out there with a torch, he dumped magpie in through the bedroom window and rescued the baby...he then took it round to Calv who is cat free (he tagged me in a photo so you will see it!)

Lincoln Madison said...

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