Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I've not painted a mystical horse for a little while, so this picture is long overdue and I had the perfect picture of Merlin just waiting to be used.  I can't describe how enjoyable it is painting a huge canvas completely black :D Just for fun and texture I mixed in a little burnt umber and ochre.  I'm working in the kitchen as the canvas is too big for my Studio!
Unlike many artists that inspire me, I don't do very detailed drawings on the canvas and then block in the background around the subject, I work in reverse! A light sketch in chalk helps me to get the dimensions and perspective right and then I just get stuck in with the paint.  It works for me!
Once the tonal values are done, I refine the details, saving the wings for last as that's the fun part :D
More details and playing with hair, mane and tails are so much fun :D
The body needs more detail and so I used some oil paint over the acrylic to get depth and a soft hair-like texture.

Next on the easel is a picture of Toffee showing off his moves :D


rossichka said...

I'm an admirer of your art, Kimberley! Can't take my eyes off this marvellous horse! The wings, the tail, the hair - they are flying... You are talking about the creative process as if it's something easy and maybe it is - but for you. For me it's a mystery, due to talent and hard work. Thanks for the pleasure!:)

Yarrow said...

Oh thank you my lovely

Bovey Belle said...

Lovely to see how it's done, from the start. I plan to go to art classes WHEN we finally move, and in the meantime it's nice to have some inspiration.

laoi gaul~williams said...

its lovely to see you at work :)

Dragonfly Dreams said...