Saturday, 28 June 2014

Studio - part 1

With all the warm weather we've had lately, I decided it was time to tackle the outside Studio. I needed a long, dry spell as I knew the work would take a very long time! Emptying the contents and then sorting through what I was keeping took an entire day.  So much junk had accumulated!
With the walls laid bare, I could assess the damage, and it was worrying!  The outside floor supports had rotted, so the whole structure had sunk on either side, raising the floor in the center.  A lot of earth had piled against one side and the wood had rotted through.  With the floor raised, the doors wouldn't shut, so more water had come in from outside, along with an army of snails and some pretty enormous spiders!
There was light showing between the boards and the walls and ceiling had twisted.  I reinforced the wood with new planks and in some places put new wood inside and out to strengthen it all.
Next came the membranes, waterproof for the walls and breathable for the ceiling, which should be waterproof from the outside.
It was then lined with silver insulation and clad with pine tongue and groove planks which slot neatly together.  Not the cheapest solution, but it was an easy one for someone of limited ability!  My lovely son did a lot of the sawing and spent an afternoon tackling around 50 planks!
The ceiling was lined with hardboard as I felt that the plyboard would be too heavy for an already weakened structure.  I did put extra supports at the corner, as the window had a tendency to twist when opened and then I couldn't get it shut again.  Hopefully it's sorted now.  Manchee has enjoyed helping me :D
There are a few places inside where the linings aren't as neat as they could be, so I'll be using a mixture of logs and branches to 'decorate' and hide the unsightly bits.  I also have plans for rustic shelves.
All of this work has taken about three weeks, as I've needed frequent rest breaks and during this time, my beautiful Finn cat went missing.  I was a wreck for the whole time he was gone and could barely function for worry.  Posters were put up and doors knocked.  I put leaflets through most doors within a cat's distance from my house (that's quite a long way!) and finally, after 5 days he returned, very thin and with almost no voice at all.  Clearly he'd been shut in and my biggest fear, during such a long hot week was that he would die locked away and unable to escape.  The other cats were so pleased to see him and happily shared his supper of tuna and turkey.  He then spent the night in my bed and now feels that it's actually his!!!
Meanwhile at the field, Merlin escaped from his paddock and spent a night in with Bo, I arrived to find them happy and peaceful, so decided to let them have time together.  As it was all going so smoothly, I decided to put Toffee in as well.
This gradual combining of the herd took two weeks to achieve, but the boys are now together in their little bachelor herd and all is peaceful.  Toffee spends a lot of time on his own at this time of year, due to too much grass making him overweight and ill, so it's good to be able to move them around to suit their needs. So when Merlin has eaten his fill, he can go back to the starvation paddock with Toffee and Bo gets some peaceful time alone.  He doesn't mind this as he's a very independent little soul.
Thankfully, the rain has waited until now when the studio is all but finished and in fact, the sound of it pounding against the window has been a welcome relief. So this weekend will be spent sketching and resting and then I'll be back in the studio to continue with decorating and painting of a different kind. 


Bovey Belle said...

Well done with those repairs (and your son too). I hope that it now sees you through until you finally up-sticks.

What a tremendous relief to have Finn back after being shut in somewhere. Poor boy. I bet he couldn't believe he was safely home again.

Watch out for Lami this summer - friends have had it presenting in unusual circumstances (one after he was bitten by horse-loving insects, and this raised histamine levels etc.) Another mare got it when she was losing weight hand over fist (possible cancer) and ended up being pts.

Yarrow said...

BB, Lami is my biggest and constant worry with Toffee as he is now so prone, the only one not fat is Bo, instead he's shooting up :D