Sunday, 8 June 2014

Who stole May?

Where on earth did May go?  One day I was working my socks off painting and then suddenly I was laid low with a cold that really outstayed it's welcome.  Next thing I know it's June and my work is stacked up waiting for me to do double time!!!

I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Wickham Horse Fair.  It's a smaller version of the Appleby Horse Fair, where the Travelling community of Romanies gather to sell or exchange horses.  The whole village of Wickham is taken over for the event with many of the shops protected behind huge metal screens while the horses are picketed in front.  The road becomes a display area for the horses to be shown at speed! There are of course lots of stalls selling tack, clothes and there is even a small fairground at the top of the village square.  It's quite an amazing spectacle and I've captured a good many photos that hopefully will become paintings.
 This little foal was so adorable, but almost broke my heart when his sister was sold and he tried to run after her!
 This little group may well end up in a painting.  They were so mellow and the center pony asked for Reiki which I was glad to give.  The owners are quite happy for their horses and ponies to be touched and I was made several very tempting offers and could easily have come home with a couple of extra horses!!!
 Back to the Studio, and a portrait of a very lovely young horse.  The owner has asked me to sketch or paint her as she grows up, which is a lovely project for me to handle :D
 Next on the easel is a mare and foal which are currently going through that worrying stage.  I just have to have faith that it will come right in the end!


Bovey Belle said...

Great action photos at Wickham Fair, but I hate to see horses being pounded on the tarmac like that. You should get some great pictures from your photos.

I love the chestnut youngster and think the mare and foal are really coming together. Keep up the good work.

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh i am heartbroken just hearing of the youngers separated :(

Dartford Warbler said...

I have seen some traveller ponies being trotted at speed along Forest roads recently. Probably on their way to Wickham.....

What`ss the old saying about what hurts a horse`s hooves...?

"Its hammer, hammer hammer
On the hard high roads!'

The mare and foal are going to be very good.

Yarrow said...

Thank you for your kind comments my dears.x

Yarrow said...

Thank you for your kind comments my dears.x

rossichka said...

Hi! This is a completely unknown world for me and that's why every experience with or about horses that you share is very interesting and exciting! I adore the "trio" !:)