Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Moomin and I took the dog to a nearby thicket. It was hot and humid and we were alarmed at the colour of this pool. Thankfully Manchee didn't fancy a dip in it!!! It might make an interesting backdrop for a painting!!!
There were so many golden butterflies.  I think this one is a Dark Clouded Yellow butterfly.
My golden boy.  He posed for many new paintings.
The latest addition to my flock.  Can you tell that it's a he???  The tail is a giveaway.  He has buttery golden legs and the girls adore him!!!
Playing with gold leaf.  I had way too much fun with this, although I did end up with it all over my fingers and the carpet!!!
Kingfishers will soon be for sale in the Etsy shop or on my website.  I hope your days are golden and happy my friends :D


Bovey Belle said...

I think the butterfly is a Gatekeeper. We have lots along the hedgerows at the moment (good year for butterflies, thank heavens.)

That pool looks distinctly smelly and I'm glad Manchee didn't jump in it!

Yarrow said...

Me too, BB :D