Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Studio - part 2 (or, the cats are waiting!)

In my garden you will find bookcases and discarded pieces of furniture.
Playgrounds for cats, or as often displayed on Facebook, storage units for crazy cat ladies :D
Why has my garden turned into a junkyard, you may be thinking?  Well, it's the discarded contents of my Studio.  The tall shelves held pieces of pottery in various stages of making and firing before going to exhibitions or shops. Now they will be finding a home in the garage where my new pottery studio will be, eventually.  But for now, the cats are waiting.  Waiting for what?  To see who will be living in the cute little house at the bottom of the garden.  Their wait is nearly over :D

The ceiling and top half of the walls were painted white,
then the lower half of the walls was stained light oak. This took forever, but Seth Lakeman helped, in the background, of course :D
Finally, I fitted dado rail but this nearly finished me off and I had to get help cutting the mitered edges!  My new to me desk was sanded and scrubbed and fits perfectly into the area beside the window.
Withe the carpet and bookcase in place, it's starting to come together, but there is still a lot of work to do, especially outside where the wood needs weather proofing.  The style I was originally going for was something from Lord of the Rings, hence the tree in the corner.  I wanted an elvish type home, but then after watching Totorro (again!) I decided on the stained paneling which is how many Japanese houses are decorated (in Anime at least!).  To be honest though, the interior is just developing it's own style as I go.  Already there are paintings lining up to be discovered, the Owl Girl and the Moon Cradle are but two in my head right now :D
Life continues elsewhere, and my new chickens are laying well :D
The two yellow birds are Cersei and Sanza (Game of Thrones) and the black girl is Celtie from an Anime we like.  Poor Celtie is quite timid and stays away from the others as much as she can and my dear little Arya was taken by the buzzard because she was white and was an easy target!!!  The whole run and it's little village of huts was moved to a safer place, so everyone is happy again!


rossichka said...

What I am sure about now is that you can never get bored, surrounded by so many things to do, loving souls and the passion for painting!:)
The studio will shine in its new "clothes"! Good for you, Kimberley!
Have a sunny July!

Yarrow said...

Thank you sweet friend.x

Bovey Belle said...

I hope that the paintings in your head soon take substance and I look forward to seeing them. I hope you've not overdone things with recreating your workplace.

Yarrow said...

I have BB, totally overdone it!!! I think you're psychic :D

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohhhh totoro inspired...i love totoro so much :)
its looking lovely and i am green seeing your chooks~i would love them here but the garden way too weeny!