Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Reckoning!

Of course there is always a balance of energies, I know this well, suffering from a health issue that depends on me being aware of my energy or lack of!  The Studio is all but finished, but unfortunately so am I!  Details aren't needed but suffice to say that I've been very unwell this last week and I woke this morning with laryngitis on top of what's become a nightmare of a cold!  The good thing is that it's cosy in the studio and I'm starting to feel like working again :D

There's a great post by one of my favourite artists Stephanie Pui Mun Law about dealing with our Muses and it's helped me with a lot of sketching and doodling.  Hopefully some new paintings will emerge :D

I may venture out soon to walk the dog, as some household members still need a lot of attention, whether I feel like it or not!!!

This picture is from last week, when we went along the green lane near my home.  It's so overgrown that I'm hoping the farmer cuts it back soon as it was quite a struggle wading through brambles and nettles!


Bovey Belle said...

I did warn you! Sorry you've been so washed out, and having a cold to go with it is no fun. Rest and plan. At least you can doodle and sketch whilst you are resting.

Yarrow said...

True words my dear :D