Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Too many ideas!

I read recently, in an art magazine, a letter from someone complaining that they had too many ideas!  The reply was along the lines of 'how lucky!' But actually, this is something that I can sympathise with.  Having a head full of ideas can be as difficult as having no ideas at all.  Where do I start, what shall I paint today?  The very thought of committing one idea to paper while the other ideas form an unruly queue can actually cause me to grind to a halt!

If I restrict myself to one style of drawing or painting, say Equine, then I start to get restless and itchy to draw something wildly different, like faeries or monsters.  I guess the answer is to somehow combine the two but that doesn't always work.  What I'll be doing this week is just drawing anything that comes to mind and exploring where that takes me.  Expect some very different sketches :D

I'll try to be strict and do a sketch a day and post them here.  For a change I'm not going to think this through, I'll just let my pencil go where it will, should be interesting!


Bovey Belle said...

Have fun. I look forward to seeing what flowed from your creative muse.

rossichka said...

Maybe your imagination is flourishing at this very moment... Or maybe it's simply because you have no deadlines to worry about and everything that you were dreaming to do while being busy now goes out "to light" and cries: "Me first, please!" :D
No matter the reason, this is a creative period, so just follow your heart, even if you have to take several brushes together!:))
Pleasant hours in front of the white sheets!xxx