Wednesday, 20 August 2014


When I don't have the time to sit and start a full painting, I fill my sketch books.  Pretty soon, I'll have to make a decision about what's going to be painted and what will sit and wait for another day.

I don't often sketch men, but I did fancy doing a picture of Odin and his two Ravens Huggin and Munnin.  These crows make me smile a lot as they're looking a bit dippy!  The one on the right is trying real hard to be a Tucan, while Odin resembles a grumpy Gandalf!  I like the layout though and when I get my problems sorted with the paper stretching I'll probably have a go at this one.

Meanwhile, I'm working on some new horse portraits and hope to get those share soon.  Have a good week blog-friends :D


rossichka said...

Needless to say how curious I am to see that Odin's profile "in flesh and blood"!:)

Bovey Belle said...

Me too. Looks like he has plenty of character!

Yarrow said...

Thank you my dears :D

Yarrow said...
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Victoria said... gorgeously done!

Abi said...

This is such a strong sketch. I really like it.
Looking forward to seeing some horse portraits - we have just this week been given two youngsters - one in pretty good shape, the other boy, not so. But, he is making improvements :)