Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sketching and stuff!

I've been sketching and scribbling this week. Here are a few that are ok to share :D

Crows will be featuring a lot soon, I love their rude and  rowdy manners.  We have a lot in my village!
Some exotic styled cats.  I need to do more!
Moomin was good enough to pose for me again.  I love drawing feet!
In the woods, one of our regular pathways was blocked by this poor tree.  I've been watching it for months, not realising how deep the decay had settled!  A strong wind was all that was needed to tear it in half.  I doubt that it will survive as the rot is creeping into the live half!
Moomin and Manchee at the beach on our first cool day!
The Supermoon!  Not a great picture but as good as my phone could manage :D
Now it's back to the sketchbooks :D


Bovey Belle said...

Crows have so much character and it shows in your sketches. You are good with birds. Glad you got to the seaside though it's cooling now (Autumn is threatening I feel).

Morning's Minion said...

I've enjoyed catching up with your summer on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Mine has also been unsettled and mostly undocumented.

rossichka said...

You never get tired of sketching - your artistic eyes are always wide open!
I'm sorry about that tree - it's sad looking at it, so I hope it will survive!
A wonderful photo of Moomin and Manchee! Where is that place? It's so calm and quiet...:)