Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Too many ideas!

I read recently, in an art magazine, a letter from someone complaining that they had too many ideas!  The reply was along the lines of 'how lucky!' But actually, this is something that I can sympathise with.  Having a head full of ideas can be as difficult as having no ideas at all.  Where do I start, what shall I paint today?  The very thought of committing one idea to paper while the other ideas form an unruly queue can actually cause me to grind to a halt!

If I restrict myself to one style of drawing or painting, say Equine, then I start to get restless and itchy to draw something wildly different, like faeries or monsters.  I guess the answer is to somehow combine the two but that doesn't always work.  What I'll be doing this week is just drawing anything that comes to mind and exploring where that takes me.  Expect some very different sketches :D

I'll try to be strict and do a sketch a day and post them here.  For a change I'm not going to think this through, I'll just let my pencil go where it will, should be interesting!

Friday, 25 July 2014

I wish I'd written it!

Many years ago I began writing a book.  Not because I believe myself to be a budding author or because I wanted to jump on the back of many self published authors, but because I wanted to read a book that hadn't yet been written!  A book about horses and people and adventures. Not a children's book, but one that anyone could lose themselves in.  Now finally I've discovered what might be the very book I wanted and it was written around the time that I was looking.  Now, though, it's been made into a film and so has been republished and found it's way onto the front shelves of popular bookstores.

The book is called 'A New York Winter's Tale' and the movie features Colin Farrell, swoon, and the most stunningly beautiful white horse.
I hope the story proves to be as wonderful as the opening chapter and I'm finding so many inspiring images filling my head as I read.

I'll leave you with these words from the author, Mark Helprin. (and yes, I really wish I'd written this!)

'The tail of the white horse swished back and forth as he trotted briskly down empty avenues and boulevards.  He moved like a dancer, which is not surprising: a horse is a beautiful animal, but it is perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music.'

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Moomin and I took the dog to a nearby thicket. It was hot and humid and we were alarmed at the colour of this pool. Thankfully Manchee didn't fancy a dip in it!!! It might make an interesting backdrop for a painting!!!
There were so many golden butterflies.  I think this one is a Dark Clouded Yellow butterfly.
My golden boy.  He posed for many new paintings.
The latest addition to my flock.  Can you tell that it's a he???  The tail is a giveaway.  He has buttery golden legs and the girls adore him!!!
Playing with gold leaf.  I had way too much fun with this, although I did end up with it all over my fingers and the carpet!!!
Kingfishers will soon be for sale in the Etsy shop or on my website.  I hope your days are golden and happy my friends :D

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Early morning or late evening is the best time for dog walking. Neither Manchee nor I enjoy the scorching heat. It's always cool in the woods though.
At the edge of the woods are the fields of wheat.  The stray bundles look so interesting, like they're not talking to the main crop! 
Even though it's early morning, I can feel that it's going to be a hot day today.  I'll be painting water and Kingfishers and the cats will sleep and dream of mice :D

Sunday, 13 July 2014

This week in pictures.

A tiny rodent skeleton. I'm strange, I know, but I find skeletons fascinating!
Coming back from walking the dog, the cats walk home with us.
There are normally more, but today just three.
Fae, looking beautiful in the window :D
The cats move in to the Studio, but no room for Manchee.  He is most put out!
Beautiful cygnets afloat on the soft green grass.
Manchee playing with a speeding bundle of black fur and showing how to tuck your legs under for maximum velocity!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Early morning walk.

Beside the lake this morning, the cygnets had grown and were utterly enchanting.  The dog made a new friend and I came away with a head full of paintings.  There will be photos later, but my new camera is fiddly to upload!

The cats have moved in to the studio and I've been painting Kingfishers.  I'm in love with my Studio and so are the animals :D

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Reckoning!

Of course there is always a balance of energies, I know this well, suffering from a health issue that depends on me being aware of my energy or lack of!  The Studio is all but finished, but unfortunately so am I!  Details aren't needed but suffice to say that I've been very unwell this last week and I woke this morning with laryngitis on top of what's become a nightmare of a cold!  The good thing is that it's cosy in the studio and I'm starting to feel like working again :D

There's a great post by one of my favourite artists Stephanie Pui Mun Law about dealing with our Muses and it's helped me with a lot of sketching and doodling.  Hopefully some new paintings will emerge :D

I may venture out soon to walk the dog, as some household members still need a lot of attention, whether I feel like it or not!!!

This picture is from last week, when we went along the green lane near my home.  It's so overgrown that I'm hoping the farmer cuts it back soon as it was quite a struggle wading through brambles and nettles!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Studio - part 2 (or, the cats are waiting!)

In my garden you will find bookcases and discarded pieces of furniture.
Playgrounds for cats, or as often displayed on Facebook, storage units for crazy cat ladies :D
Why has my garden turned into a junkyard, you may be thinking?  Well, it's the discarded contents of my Studio.  The tall shelves held pieces of pottery in various stages of making and firing before going to exhibitions or shops. Now they will be finding a home in the garage where my new pottery studio will be, eventually.  But for now, the cats are waiting.  Waiting for what?  To see who will be living in the cute little house at the bottom of the garden.  Their wait is nearly over :D

The ceiling and top half of the walls were painted white,
then the lower half of the walls was stained light oak. This took forever, but Seth Lakeman helped, in the background, of course :D
Finally, I fitted dado rail but this nearly finished me off and I had to get help cutting the mitered edges!  My new to me desk was sanded and scrubbed and fits perfectly into the area beside the window.
Withe the carpet and bookcase in place, it's starting to come together, but there is still a lot of work to do, especially outside where the wood needs weather proofing.  The style I was originally going for was something from Lord of the Rings, hence the tree in the corner.  I wanted an elvish type home, but then after watching Totorro (again!) I decided on the stained paneling which is how many Japanese houses are decorated (in Anime at least!).  To be honest though, the interior is just developing it's own style as I go.  Already there are paintings lining up to be discovered, the Owl Girl and the Moon Cradle are but two in my head right now :D
Life continues elsewhere, and my new chickens are laying well :D
The two yellow birds are Cersei and Sanza (Game of Thrones) and the black girl is Celtie from an Anime we like.  Poor Celtie is quite timid and stays away from the others as much as she can and my dear little Arya was taken by the buzzard because she was white and was an easy target!!!  The whole run and it's little village of huts was moved to a safer place, so everyone is happy again!