Saturday, 13 September 2014

An unnusual week and magical!

This week has been all about felt!  I had a lull in commissions of portraits and so sat down to make a hat for my upcoming Witches Fair. The process was so much fun, if a little messy and complicated, but I have a very clean kitchen floor now!!!

I was surprised by the reaction on Facebook when I posted the pictures and the first hat sold immediately.  The next hat was much easier to make as I'd figured out what equipment to use and how to make some templates for a uniform finish. Most of my equipment is improvised from whatever was lying around at the time.  No expensive moulds for me!

So here it is, the collapsible Witches hat inspired by the hats worn by the Owen Sister's in Practical Magic!  This hat is The Midnight and here it is with center extended, you can see the point in the shadow!
With the point collapsed it looks like any other regular hat (sort of !)
This hat is The Autumn hat and is lined with lovely thick blue-faced Leicester wool that I happened to have for my spinning!!! It's my favourite hat and hasn't sold yet, so I'm quite happy about that, hehe!
With the point extended it reminds me of the Sorting hat from Harry Potter :D  I may have to watch all of those movies again, in the name of work, of course!!!
I adore this hat and the colours go so well with my hair colour.  It has a droopy back to keep the neck warm as well!
 This is how the beret started off and you can see how much wool is used for quite a small hat!  It starts with two layers of super soft Alpaca, (luckily I have an entire fleece in the shed!!!), two layers of red and then another layer of contrasting dark reds.
It looks kind of pinky in this picture, but that's just the poor lighting!
This is a truer colour and you can see the tiny hairs of Alpaca poking through from the inside.  If I'd had a darker fleece the beret would have looked more scarlet, I think.  I'm calling this one the Rowan Beret (get it? Rowan berry :D )
Suddenly I have some hat orders to fill this week and in between times, a couple of horse portraits.  I love being this busy, it doesn't feel like hard work at all, but I'm normally asleep just before I hit the pillow!!!!