Friday, 13 February 2015

Long time no blog!

Hello dear bloggers, did you wonder where I'd vanished to???  Well, I've been here all along, just bogged down under stress and health issues.  No one likes a whinger, so I won't go on about it, but it's been tough!  I'm starting to get back to normal, slowly, but changes have been made and I'm still not out of the woods financially.  I do however have a couple of plans for the future, but I'll reveal them in time ;)

So, how was Christmas???  Was it really so long ago?
 I used a different colour this year as my lounge was repainted to go with the carpet that was replaced by my insurance company after I dropped a plate of curry!!!!  However the new carpet has lasted a couple of months and now looks like a cheap, nasty jumper that's felted in the wash!  Talks are afoot to replace the new one, but the thought of pulling the lounge apart again leaves me feeling weak!!!

Remember the tea stained pages of last year?  I was tidying the studio and came across a large sheet.  Suddenly I knew what I wanted to put on it.  I totally adore this piece as it's so free compared to my usual style. There will be more tea staining I feel :D

Back to bread and butter now and my latest commission is going well.  A couple of tiny tweaks to finish this off and it will be heading off to a happy customer.

It wasn't all plain sailing though as I'd accidentally drawn the first version on the wrong paper!!!  I had an idea that things weren't right when I stretched the sheet and it warped very badly despite all my efforts to flatten it!  As I applied colour, the paper went grainy and frankly the result was just plain nasty!  I'm glad I redid the picture as the nose in the version above is far better than the first one.  Ah well, this experience led me to find the most beautiful paper I've worked with and I can't wait to do more.
The new paper is by Hahnemuhle and is already stretched, so life will be a little simpler from now on :D

It's good to get back to blogging, I hope you haven't all forgotten me :D


Ren Cuming said...

Wondered where you were Kimberley! Glad to see you back in the blogging saddle so to speak.
Sorry to hear that youve been unwell. I did all that last year (big op etc) so feeling very much that 2015 is a new start!
Hope its a wonderful year ahead for you and the family, Ren x
ps. Spring around the corner :)

Tammie Lee said...

lion and horse medicine for you, eh. it is good to find paper that you like. I have never tried that kind.
both pieces are lovely.

wishing you health and dreams come true.

Bovey Belle said...

Good to see you back in action Kim and sorry you've been up the creek without a paddle healthwise and financially.

Love your new work and look forward to seeing some more commissions. All helps the exchequer.

Patricia Ellingford said...

Nice to see you back - sorry you have been in the wars a little but glad you are starting to get to grips. Remember the only way is up.

Are you giving yourself the healing you freely give to others. Remember it is important. Pity you are not nearer could have done a Reiki Share and given you some time that you sorely need. Your work is so beautiful and each time you do something you grow - really beautiful.

I thought had lost you off the list as blogger has been playing about a bit. Nice to see you back.



rossichka said...

Dear Kimberley, I do hope the bad times are behind your back! May the next months bring you health and energy, and joy!
Your Christmas tree is glowing - last year's one was white, am I wrong?
I'm in awe again at seeing your new horse painting! It looks like alive!:)
And, oh, the lion - do you think to paint other animals, 'cause obviously you have a special gift for that!
Best wishes to you and your children!x

Yarrow said...

Thank you dear friends for your wonderful support :D I feel so lucky to know you all :D

Victoria said...

Wonderful to have you back!..HUgs for what you have gone through! Wishing all is sparkling bright in your world again
Wow..such gorgeous are awesome to see your magical world again and reconnect!I love both horses and is always very spiritual for me...and Lion is very prominent on my journey at this a wonderful synchronicity and message...thanks for being my messenger today!

Yarrow said...

Thank you for your beautiful words, Victoria :D