Friday, 3 April 2015

Back in the Studio.

Well the title says it all and I'm happy to be back in the Garden Studio.  Despite all the work I did to it last year, I've been unable to make the most of my lovely space!  But now I'm happy to say that it's surprisingly warm due to all the lagging in the walls and my new garden path makes it easier to get out there without getting too wet!  There is still a bit of the path to finish, but I just have to hop over that bit, haha!
It's good to see my garden looking so cheerful and as you can see above, we have a very healthy crop of spinach to keep us going :D
My little Goddess planter looks so sweet deep in her bed of ivy.
Fae has been helping me to settle back into the Studio.  Comparing her poses to those in my cat book!
She put things in drawers,
and then rested in the sun!!!
My lovely man has supplied me with wooden slices sanded to an incredible sheen.  I'm so happy as I've never been able to get the wood this smooth :D

And I've been playing with sketches to see what images go well with the wooden shapes.  Normally I'd gesso the wood and paint the whole surface, but these slices are so grainy that I want to make a feature of the wood itself.
Of course there has to be a Unicorn, but to start with, this was one of the ugliest horses I've ever sketched!  He's not so bad now, haha!
I'm feeling a bit icky right now, so I think it's time to snuggle on the sofa with my long-dog and make some magical marks on paper. He's been posing, ever so nicely for me, so he may feature on one of my wooden clocks :D


Bovey Belle said...

Lots of creativity there Kim and from your man too. Brilliant! I am sure the designs on the clock faces will be wonderful and unique. Great idea. Keep up the good work.

rossichka said...

So many nice news around you, Kimberley! They took me for a while far-far away, in your garden, all awakening after the cold months... I believe your artistic space will welcome you and those wooden "canvases" are going to turn into intriguing art pieces! And, yes, I think that Manchee deserves to be feaured on one of them.:)
Happy Easter!