Friday, 10 April 2015

Early morning tea.

I love the still, quiet times before everyone gets up for work.  The soft sounds of sleepers in their beds, the cats with contented tummies settle down for cuddles before I have to start my day.  My tiny Cotton cat, pressed up against my fingers while I type, demanding just a little more of my time.

Outside the window, the hedge drips, heavy with dew, a misty sky promises another warm day and I must plan my hours carefully.  So much work to be done before I can get to the Studio.  The strawberries are watered and the seeds will be tended to later.  A load of laundry to hang out after I've finished my last drops of hot, refreshing tea.  I could write poems about how much I love tea!!!

Have a lovely day dear blog friends :D


renilde said...

hello yarrow,nice to see you're back, your lion on stained paper looks great and the forms of those wooden slices are very inspiring, looking forward to some finished ones, enjoy spring and your tea, x

Tammie Lee said...

i love that time too
and late night for similar reasons
but it is hard to have both ;-)

so much to do at this time of year
if one has a yard especially

wishing you a lovely spring
many beautiful mornings