Friday, 12 June 2015

So much time.

So much time has passed since my last post.  I've been working so very hard, but sadly not at a lot of painting.  I won't bore you with my troubles, but keeping heart and soul together has been hard.  Keeping food on the table, harder still!

I have several lovely households I now work for as Housekeeper and Gardener and it's all starting to work out at last.  I'm now finding time in the afternoons to get back to my painting, so I'm hoping to find the balance between my two very different occupations!

This painting is nearly finished, just the line along the belly to sort out.  Prints will be available, but the piece itself is rather heavy so will probably go into an Exhibition, fingers crossed!

This horse has been sat in the Studio for the last couple of months and will be finished today, I hope.  The initial washes went on so easily that I don't want to lose the flow of movement in such a tranquil painting.
My daughter, the Moomin has finally finished school and is eagerly awaiting the start of her college courses in Art.  She's been setting me art challenges, so expect to see a few Manga style pieces popping up now and then as that's her passion :D

I'd also like to congratulate my awesome Son for passing his Art Pre-Degree with distinction and for producing the best ever hand made Mongolian suit of Armour :D  I'll get pictures of that soon as it's just been released from the college exhibition :D


Bovey Belle said...

Gosh - your offspring are growing up SO fast. I imagine you must be delighted to see them showing your artistic talents too. A hand-crafted suit of Mongolian armour - I can't WAIT to see that! Good luck to your lovely daughter too, in her chosen art course.

Glad to hear that you are getting the work/life balance balanced!

rossichka said...

So many Starts in your life - isn't this great? You sound delighted and happy, and also very proud!:) Congratulations on your children's successes - I suppose it's wonderful to live in such a creative atmosphere! Fingers crossed for their next steps in Art!:)