Friday, 24 July 2015

Heading for the Studio.

I often like to take the scenic route to work!  It's so good working from home, although the day I took these pictures it was hot and the Studio heated up too quickly for prolonged work, whereas today the rain pattering on the windows will be a relaxing sound. 

My beans and courgettes are romping away and it looks like I will finally have my veg glut that I've been dreaming of.  The last few years have seen my efforts destroyed by slugs, but this year and in this particular raised bed, I've been extremely vigilant.  I can see it from the kitchen window and can almost hear the slugs and snails as they march towards my precious plants!
A few stray strawberries and a new acquilegia plant distract me from the overgrown lawn, oops!
The path to the Studio is clearer now I've cleared all the mint and it helps to have an all weather path!
Almost at the Studio now and my clematis has given me a constant display of gorgeous flowers :D
Today I have to make a choice of either finishing a dragon, or painting some wooden hearts!!!  I wonder which will win???


Bovey Belle said...

It's very satisfying when you can beat the slugs to your veg. I hope you have a super duper crop. Tam has been trying to get some sweet peas to grow ever since the spring. She's now on her 3rd (I think) sowing, and these have reached the dizzy heights of 2 or 3" and she has planted them in the garden. I suggested she put some slug pellets down and just as well as we came out of 22 dead slugs the following morning!

So, what won, the hearts or the dragon?

rossichka said...

It must be a great pleasure to walk along Your path to the Studio every day! No matter whether it's sunny or rains. When living in an apartment, the only connection with nature are the flowers in pots you take care of...
Did you choose the wooden hearts?:)