Friday, 4 September 2015

A little escape.

I've been losing myself in the galaxy lately. I needed to paint a backdrop for my moongazing hare and had a lovely wooden panel just lying around in the studio!

The panel will be put on to the wall in time, but for now, it gives my hare something to gaze at. 
The trouble was, once I started playing with paint and stars, I just couldn't stop!
This one, for some reason took the longest (over 4hours)! I guess it was because I wanted the spiral to look natural and flowing.

This Nebula took far less time, even though it's larger than the spiral.  It almost painted itself!
The horsehead Nebula took the longest of all and I have to guess at over 6hours!  I had to walk away and let it dry several times, otherwise I was going to be defeated.  I'm quite happy with it now!
Talking of horses (or ponies) Bo is finally settling into life back home and despite giving me a couple of scares with his leg (putting too much weight on it and kicking the wall!), he seems to have made a full recovery, phew (more about his story is on the Holistic blog).

While back in the Studio, new work is progressing. 
 I have a pile of blanks to paint on,
 and a sketchbook full of moths, hmmm....  More stars maybe???


Tammie Lee said...

these are all wonderful.
lovely how inspiration arrives and doesn't want to go away until it is expressed.
sweet end of summer to you.

Yarrow said...

And to you Tammie.x

Yarrow said...
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Victoria said...

So gorgeous! Super-magical art and creations... I totally feel an affinity with your beautiful work of creations! Shine on

Yarrow said...

Thank you Victoria, that's very kind of you to say. I do love browsing your blog, but I can't seem to leave a message! Big hugs.x