Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Leaving messages!

Since a nasty computer virus took out most of my operating systems last month, I'm having problems leaving messages on people's blogs.  Please don't think I'm ignoring anyone, I'm still reading, but unable to comment.  Unless you get a sudden message from Tanglewood Farm, which is my Google account, but those seem to vanish into the ether!

I will try to sort it, but for now dear friends, I'm following you all, but missing out on commenting on your lovely words.

MM, I'm sorry for your lovely cat Raisin and BB, likewise dear little Amber.  Everyone else, I will try hard to get through to you.x


rossichka said...

Hope you'll get rid of these problems soon.
It's nice to know you've been visiting our blogs.:)

Victoria said...

HI Kindred, sorry to hear about all those glitches, hope all things run smoothly real soon!Wishing you a beautiful Autumn