Friday, 13 November 2015

Dashing back to the Studio.

This is a quick post as I must get back to the Studio! More ideas are falling from my head into the clay and I must make the most of it :D
The bird skulls have turned out perfectly. I'm so happy with them :D
A trio of dragons are waiting for their glazes. I simply cannot decide on colours!
The large dragon was a nightmare to fit in the kiln and I'm surprised he survived!
This is one from a previous firing with a high shine glaze. I love these glazes but fancy something a little more subdued!
Finally, some of the bird skulls have been coated with a special clay blend that I make myself. This is for smoke firing. The white areas will turn black and the dark areas should stay white - should!!!
Now, I must dash before the rain starts again! Keeping everything crossed for the skulls :D


Gerry Snape said... thopse skulls..I have a collection that I've picked up from time to time on the beaches of Donegal...whitened by sun and salt!

Bovey Belle said...

The skulls are very unusual. There's a chap used to sell real Crow skulls on Fleabay and I've seen some for sale at Malvern before now, so I am sure clay ones will be welcome too.

Love the dragons as well - can't wait to see what glazes you used.

Yarrow said...

I have lots of real skulls, BB, but I won't part with them!
Gerry, my cats bring me skulls (and other bits too!!!) :D