Monday, 14 December 2015

Lots of work.

There has been a lot of painting happening in the studio. Many hearts cut by myself and then re-cut (properly) by my dear man! I think I have the hang of it now, but it's a little scary being in charge of something that could take my fingers off, well, do damage at least!

Athena and her owl were great fun to paint and I'm working on a Morrigan and crow hanging at the moment. All latest pieces are in the Etsy shop in the sidebar.
There has been much cuddling by the fire of late. It's the best place to be while the wind howls around the house.

Meanwhile, I've been making wine. I hope it's ready for Christmas.
I'm cheating and using a kit this time as I don't want to wait the normal 2years for it to mature. Although, the sweet potatoe wine I made last year was heavenly and I say WAS with some regret as I only have one bottle left!!! That's for Boxing Day :D


Victoria said...

Hi art is super beautiful..I love them all..each magical and unique! Athena is gorgeous ..the owl so soulful! Your cats are adorable too!
Yay..enjoy your wine!
Wishing you a most magical 2016 and many blessings

Bovey Belle said...

Beautiful artwork as always. So satisfying doing it too.

I miss my winemaking, but since I can't drink very much these days it was being wasted. I used to have a rolling seasonal thing going so there was always something in stock (as Danny and his mates made much of!)

Gretel said...

Just catching up and admiring your creativity - the skulls are fabulous! Haven't made wine for many years, but am curious about sweet potato wine.

Morning's Minion said...

Your curled and cuddling badgers are very appealing, although I'm remembering that the several we encountered in the wild during the Wyoming years displayed very surly dispositions!