Thursday, 16 April 2015

Long day in the Studio!

In this warm weather, I find the best time to start work is around 7am.  My cats join me.  Cottons favourite place is on the chair by the door.  She's a good little companion as she hardly ever walks across my paints :D
I'm happy with the results.
Just a few finishing touches, some varnish and these little wooden pictures will go in the shop.
(I'm aware that the bottom hares seems to be pointing downwards, lol!)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Painting on wood.

I can't believe how wonderful our weather is at the moment.  I've been enjoying the solitude in my little Studio in the garden and have been getting down to the business of working on my lovely wooden pieces.
The first piece was a simple square block with the most lovely grain and I knew I didn't want to paint over the whole thing.  The black lines are called 'spalting' which comes from a form of fungus growing in the dead wood.  This piece is most likely Maple and as I sat with it on my desk for a week or so, it came to me that it would make a good backdrop for Totorro, the character created by Hayao Miyazaki.  My dear one routed the back so that I could make this into a clock and I must say I'm very happy with it :D
This piece is a slice of oak that I picked up on one of my walks a few years ago with the dog!  Having been polished to a glassy sheen, I decided to paint one of my old style hares on it.
This was the original hare that I first painted in 2006!!!  The style has evolved a bit since then!!! I think I may even still have some of the greetings cards that I made from this picture!
And a cheaper version, below is what I'm working on next.  These versions will be on plywood as the slices of tree wood are quite hard to come by and take a lot of work to sand down, not to mention the months of letting the wood dry out enough before it's ready to sand!
I'll be getting my shop updated on the website and Etsy, so pop back soon for more details.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Early morning tea.

I love the still, quiet times before everyone gets up for work.  The soft sounds of sleepers in their beds, the cats with contented tummies settle down for cuddles before I have to start my day.  My tiny Cotton cat, pressed up against my fingers while I type, demanding just a little more of my time.

Outside the window, the hedge drips, heavy with dew, a misty sky promises another warm day and I must plan my hours carefully.  So much work to be done before I can get to the Studio.  The strawberries are watered and the seeds will be tended to later.  A load of laundry to hang out after I've finished my last drops of hot, refreshing tea.  I could write poems about how much I love tea!!!

Have a lovely day dear blog friends :D

Friday, 3 April 2015

Back in the Studio.

Well the title says it all and I'm happy to be back in the Garden Studio.  Despite all the work I did to it last year, I've been unable to make the most of my lovely space!  But now I'm happy to say that it's surprisingly warm due to all the lagging in the walls and my new garden path makes it easier to get out there without getting too wet!  There is still a bit of the path to finish, but I just have to hop over that bit, haha!
It's good to see my garden looking so cheerful and as you can see above, we have a very healthy crop of spinach to keep us going :D
My little Goddess planter looks so sweet deep in her bed of ivy.
Fae has been helping me to settle back into the Studio.  Comparing her poses to those in my cat book!
She put things in drawers,
and then rested in the sun!!!
My lovely man has supplied me with wooden slices sanded to an incredible sheen.  I'm so happy as I've never been able to get the wood this smooth :D

And I've been playing with sketches to see what images go well with the wooden shapes.  Normally I'd gesso the wood and paint the whole surface, but these slices are so grainy that I want to make a feature of the wood itself.
Of course there has to be a Unicorn, but to start with, this was one of the ugliest horses I've ever sketched!  He's not so bad now, haha!
I'm feeling a bit icky right now, so I think it's time to snuggle on the sofa with my long-dog and make some magical marks on paper. He's been posing, ever so nicely for me, so he may feature on one of my wooden clocks :D