Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Leaving messages!

Since a nasty computer virus took out most of my operating systems last month, I'm having problems leaving messages on people's blogs.  Please don't think I'm ignoring anyone, I'm still reading, but unable to comment.  Unless you get a sudden message from Tanglewood Farm, which is my Google account, but those seem to vanish into the ether!

I will try to sort it, but for now dear friends, I'm following you all, but missing out on commenting on your lovely words.

MM, I'm sorry for your lovely cat Raisin and BB, likewise dear little Amber.  Everyone else, I will try hard to get through to you.x

Monday, 14 September 2015

I've been busy!

I've been making skulls, lots of them! Birds
and Dragons :D
I even made another fully formed dragon!
This is my bed first thing in the morning, sometimes with me in it!!!! But on this day, I made an early cuppa, came back and found there was no room left :D  They don't sleep with me all night, too many restless bodies just keep me awake, but now that the weather is on the turn, they like to join me for my tea ritual <3 br="">
The dog and I needed a break in the woods.  Just the two of us, heaven <3 br="">

Friday, 4 September 2015

A little escape.

I've been losing myself in the galaxy lately. I needed to paint a backdrop for my moongazing hare and had a lovely wooden panel just lying around in the studio!

The panel will be put on to the wall in time, but for now, it gives my hare something to gaze at. 
The trouble was, once I started playing with paint and stars, I just couldn't stop!
This one, for some reason took the longest (over 4hours)! I guess it was because I wanted the spiral to look natural and flowing.

This Nebula took far less time, even though it's larger than the spiral.  It almost painted itself!
The horsehead Nebula took the longest of all and I have to guess at over 6hours!  I had to walk away and let it dry several times, otherwise I was going to be defeated.  I'm quite happy with it now!
Talking of horses (or ponies) Bo is finally settling into life back home and despite giving me a couple of scares with his leg (putting too much weight on it and kicking the wall!), he seems to have made a full recovery, phew (more about his story is on the Holistic blog).

While back in the Studio, new work is progressing. 
 I have a pile of blanks to paint on,
 and a sketchbook full of moths, hmmm....  More stars maybe???