Saturday, 14 November 2015

Finished - little bird skulls.

Firstly, I must just say that these skulls are purely my own design based on working with real bird skulls brought in as gifts from my cats! I don't want to sound mean in any way, but please don't copy or reproduce my images or ideas in any format, thank you :D

Right, that's out of the way so here is how they looked fresh from the kiln.
Coated with my special smoke glaze resist.
After the smoke firing and the resist has been removed.
Decorated and ready to sell in my Etsy shop Here.
How many of you have been watching the Pottery Throw Down on TV? It just goes to show how much time thought and energy goes into ceramic work. I wouldn't want to be under the amount of pressure that those poor contestants are under!!!  It's well worth a watch and has given me some inspiration for making larger items.  I'd love to make a sink ;)

Friday, 13 November 2015

Dashing back to the Studio.

This is a quick post as I must get back to the Studio! More ideas are falling from my head into the clay and I must make the most of it :D
The bird skulls have turned out perfectly. I'm so happy with them :D
A trio of dragons are waiting for their glazes. I simply cannot decide on colours!
The large dragon was a nightmare to fit in the kiln and I'm surprised he survived!
This is one from a previous firing with a high shine glaze. I love these glazes but fancy something a little more subdued!
Finally, some of the bird skulls have been coated with a special clay blend that I make myself. This is for smoke firing. The white areas will turn black and the dark areas should stay white - should!!!
Now, I must dash before the rain starts again! Keeping everything crossed for the skulls :D

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Back to work.

The weather is stormy and wild, so where better to be than in the Studio creating dragons. I hope to be back later with some photos and a kiln ready to be filled up and fired.