Sunday, 3 January 2016

So much rain!

Yep, lots of windy, stormy weather on top of an extremely wet winter so far. While it's lovely to lay in bed and listen to the patter on the windows and the insistent tapping on the roof tiles, it's not so great to venture out to feed the ponies.
My hands have been swollen for the last few weeks so today I'm trying Ibuprofen, I've tried everything else from herbal remedies to Epsom salt soaks. While most of these things bring temporary relief nothing is clearing the problem, so I just have to wait it out and get by as best I can in between!
I've had a lot of help with the ponies but today it will be Moomin and myself in the rain!  You can see how boggy the paddocks are here! Thanks to my Sister for this lovely picture.  Toffee gives kisses for treats, bless him :D
So while some poetic people find ways to wax lyrical about the stormy skies, I sit here beneath my blanket of cats and wish I could stay put for the whole day!


rossichka said...

You have rain, we have snow...:) We've been freezing since yesterday, so I decided to stay at home and not to show my nose outside at least for a couple of days. I can relax after the holiday's busy time and this is just what I need.
I LOVE that photo! What a loving soul is Toffee!:)Your cares are rewarded and this is happiness, isn't it?
Hope you'll feel OK soon, Kim! Have a lovely first week of the year!

Beth Niquette said...

I love the idea of a blanket of cats!!! LOL That comment made me smile, as did that wonderful picture. :D

rossichka said...

Hello! I hope you are doing well, maybe very busy with the approaching of Spring!:)