Sunday, 22 May 2016


The translation of Melancholia is "the haunting melancholia that dominates the album". That just about sums it all up and I love the way it rolls off the tongue!
Whenever I dig out my photos of Oliver it's usually when my life is about to settle after a long hard struggle. He was my first and best horse, with me for over 20years after I found him as a wild and wayward 2year old. I knew he was the one for me even after he kicked the spot lights on my boyfriends Ford Escort (it was a looong time ago!) and then chased my sister out of his field. I loved his spirit, even though he often reduced me to tears of frustration as he flatly refused to behave like the other horses.
Eventually I gave up trying to mold him and just enjoyed his enthusiasm for adventure and went on the journey with him, even though I often had to shut my eyes and trust him completely.

We had such a bond and towards the end he taught me everything he could about healing and using Equine Reiki. He became very high maintenance in his old age!

Now I have the other three to look after, having the skills that Oliver taught me sure come in handy. Although this looks like Bo, it is actually Merlin at Bo's age. They're so alike, but Merlin likes to be airborn a lot more!
It's good to end on a high note (sorry for the pun). These pictures were actually taken on my very old phone, but they worked out quite well.  I really think it's time I got back to the studio and painted some flying horses :D

(I'm sure I don't need to say it again, but please don't copy or share these pictures without permission, thanks.)


Morning's Minion said...

I have found that looking through old photos can induce both melancholia and nostalgia. People--and pets--no longer with us, places we used to call 'home.'
I don't look on times past as 'the good old days'--and they surely shape our 'present' and our 'future.' I do have to be in the right frame of mind to revisit the past or it can be unsettling.

Bovey Belle said...

Lots of exuberance in that young man!

Looking at old photos is always bitter-sweet and I agree with Sharon - the past can be unsettling at times. . .

Yarrow said...

I like to look back sometimes just before moving forward, but yes, bittersweet indeed.x