Sunday, 20 March 2016

The story so far.

What a busy few months I've had! My health has yo-yo'd back and forth and I have simply got to get it under control again. I'm determined that this year will be better than last!!!

I've managed to get back into the Studio and have begun painting again.
This one is of our little cat Cotton when she was about 6months old. She's been very poorly lately with cellulitus after a fight with another cat, but is thankfully on the mend now.
 Another owl painting as I adore barn owls and we even have one that sometimes visits the pony field. Prints of this painting will be in the Etsy shop.
 Pony cuddles and the appearance of the sun have helped to brighten the days, quite literally. Toffee, is just soooo funny :D
 And my sweet baby Bo is growing up and will soon be ready to ride. I think he'll be a handful so that will be interesting!
This week I'll be making dragons for a very special venture. I'm keeping everything crossed that this will work out so that life can once again find some balance :D