Thursday, 15 December 2016

What's going on in the Studio?

Not much, to be honest! Those of you who know me through FB will have seen the notice on the Oakmoon page that the Studio has temporarily closed. This is simply due to lack of time, although this past year has seen me struggle with my worst artist's block ever!!!

After a rather unpleasant 'row' with a supposed friend I found my artistic flow, not just interupted, but well and truly halted. Finding time to be creative on top of the usual problems of paying huge bills on my cold and almost tumbledown house and getting to grips with my job at the school has been next to impossible.  I've patched the house up as best as I can, as you can see from the picture above ;) but I've finally decided to throw in the towel and move. I've had a dream to go far away for a long time and finally that dream will come true in the New Year. I'm also hoping that a change of scenery will help me to get my 'groove' back so that I can once again open the Studio. I have no idea what direction my art will take, but not creating is a lot like being on an enforced diet - It's not fun and it makes me cranky!!!

So for the next few months, I'll be packing up and clearing out while desperately viewing properties that can squeeze in an ark load of animals! 

I must stress that I will not stop blogging :D My walks and adventures are still featured on the other blog and as soon as I have something creative to share, I'll do that here.

Thank you dear friends for visiting and sharing the trials of being a part time artist (for now) but you can join me for some rambles through my head and landscape on the Wild Woman blog. 
Big Christmas hugs to you all.x