Saturday, 7 January 2017

I'm hoping for a tower!

As I've mentioned before, Oakmoon is moving. We're moving far, far away (but not to a different galaxy, lol!). We've looked at a few properties already and have many more to view, but it occurred to me recently that I'd quite like a tower. Somewhere mysterious that I can paint from and be all romantic and inspired. Well, you've got to dream big, right?
I love this picture so much, it would be wonderful for something like this to come into my life, so I'm sending out positive thoughts to the Universe :D

Meanwhile, I've found that my muse has returned and begun to nag me. A new style is forming from necessity. Much of my art supplies have been packed away but my sketch books and travelling watercolour box are as always near to hand. This little sketch is of a character from a magical game the Moomin had for Christmas. I'm a little in love with his fierce, devoted nature. He is a little fickle though which gives him an edge of danger. He isn't completely safe!!!
I'm sure there will be more sketches soon.x


Bovey Belle said...

Keith would love a tower too, and preferably a castle wrapped around it! I am a cottage person myself . . .

Glad to see you are doing more lovely sketches - enjoy.

Tammie Lee said...

your sketch certainly has a sweet face!
wishing you a new home that feels wonderful to you!

Yarrow said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments.x