Sunday, 8 January 2017


It's quite a fascinating thing to put a pencil to paper and make little sketchy marks.  I was quite happy with this piece until I uploaded it and realised that the horn is slightly in the wrong place. How does that work then? It looks fine in the book, take a photo and voila, mistakes leap off the page!
However it turns out, putting pictures into a book makes me happy. I feel more like myself when I sketch and of course, when I come to make this into a final painting, I'll already be aware of what's right or not.
Life can be a bit like this if we're clever enough to notice the mistakes when they're small enough to put right. The biggest and worst mistake is to just doggedly carry on with the same pattern, hoping the ending will be different. I love that saying that (and I'm paraphrasing here) if you always do the same thing, you can expect the same outcome.
This week I'll be making changes, shaking it up a bit and probably paying a few visits to the tip as I declutter!


rossichka said...

Your post made me think about the important things in my life at this very moment. Pretending that there's no mistake doesn't solve the problem. On the contrary! The point is to realize that you've made a mistake... And to go further...
I see you'll have a very important year! Fingers crossed for all the changes and the challenges that you are going to take!
It's so nice to see your beautiful drawings again, Kimberley!xx

Yarrow said...

Thank you dear Rossi.x