Thursday, 9 March 2017

The waiting game!

My little house will be on the market next week!  Eeeek, that's so hard for me to get my thoughts around! I've lived here for 20 years and it's going to be quite a wrench.  I can't believe how much 'stuff' I've accumulated over the years, heaps of it, some only fit for the tip!!!

This weekend will be filled with last minute painting and fixing jobs and then I have to just sit back and wait for someone to fall in love with this place! The Agent is hopeful.  Thankfully I have a small team of trusty helpers to deal with the difficult stuff, although what I'm finding hardest is throwing away things I may need one day! Huh! Who would have guessed I was a secret hoarder, lol!

Once all the work is done, I'll be retreating to the garden studio to calm my nerves and paint. There may be a solo exhibition  in the next few months. I've applied and recieved an answer but I don't have enough items yet. I'd better get going I guess!!!  Wish me luck.x


Rain said...

Your artwork is so beautiful, good luck getting a few more done for the exhibition! I WISH I could draw...can't for my life. People say it just takes practice, maybe I just haven't put in enough time. But I'm a very good tracer lol...I love to paint as well, and I'm missing it these days. I tend to feel more like watercolours in the spring, oils in the winter and acrylics any old time! I think I'll do a painting today, thanks for the inspiration!

Wow...I think that if I lived in my home for 20 years and then was getting ready to sell it, it would be quite emotional for me. I'm a secret hoarder too lol...we're just renting but we FILL a 3 floor cottage with just the two of us...we will have to downsize when we buy though, I'm not looking forward to the purging!!!

Bovey Belle said...

Oh gosh, so it is finally going to happen. I hope that your house sells for full whack, and straight away (and I wish the same for our own - the last promising viewing is now down the pan as it would appear they were just dreamers . . .) I hope that you can rehome all your stuff. I did make a start on mine, then the viewers couldn't be contacted and wouldn't answer emails and I have gotten down in the dumps again.

It will be a wrench to leave, but just look forward to the next stage of your life - it will be wonderful!!

Yarrow said...

I'm glad you felt inspired to do some painting Rain, it helps me when I'm feeling stressed, but then so does knitting!!!

BB, I'm sorry it's all gone awry for you again. I hope it all picks up again