Thursday, 27 July 2017

So late.

It's so late and I've been struggling with sleep so long that I wonder if I'm becoming nocturnal! Why do words flow into my head just at the time when I desperately crave sleep? I know my body clock is working against me when my inner furnace sparks up and all rest is devoured by the need for a cool breeze, a fan or my wrists plunged into cold water. As I grow older, I have more wisdom but less energy to share it, that's not really fair, is it?

I'm drifting to sleep when suddenly I'm wide awake, hot as an ember and suddenly full of thoughts. I throw the covers off to feel a tiny paw touch my foot. Cotton is beside me. She's sleeping on my bed after a run in with the new local Tom, nicknamed Spicy nuts by Moomin. She's ok, but needs to feel safe beside me. Bambam has had a big fight with him, her honour intact, she's curled in a blanket beside the bed. They need me, little souls who ask so little but give so much.

These words are honest and frank, the kind I save for the other blog. Tonight though is when I want to share them here.

We're moving to a place where I feel a sense of old magic and wonder. These simple wash houses are just so full of history that I know I'll have to somehow capture them in paint.
 There is such a feeling of peace and quiet in a building used for so long by women who simply gathered here to do their laundry. I can feel their spirits and almost hear their chatter and laughter as they carried out such mundane tasks. A chance for gossip away from the men who no doubt were sharing a jug of iced water and a glass of Pastis after a long morning of labour.
The feeling here is hard to describe. A silence without words.
The closest I can come to is how I feel when I watch a Studio Ghibli film. There is an innocence and honesty about the place. Hayao Miyazaki often researched and sketched his film settings in Europe and I've no doubt at all that he must have found these wash-houses and used the inspiration here for his scenes in Princess Mononoke and maybe Totoro.
 There are so many houses in this style, often painted in pastel colours which would have featured in Howl's Moving Castle, although, I also think that a lot of the inspiration for this film came from Switzerland and Austria too. However, I feel so close to the emotion of what Miyazaki was trying to convey that I really must try to interpret it myself based on the emotions I feel.
 The secret, magical woodlands behind our house are most definitely where I would expect to find Tree spirits and if I was really lucky.
These little spirits would certainly be at home in my woodlands,
And the majestical forest stag is more than welcome to pay us a visit. We have our own little wild spring, deer of some kind (very reclusive) and lots of space to let the wild things in.
How can I not be inspired to paint and create :D


Bovey Belle said...

Sorry you can't sleep. I know that feeling well. I sense your new house is in a magical spot too - it has certainly reached out and captured you, heart and soul. Hoping you will be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

Yarrow said...

Thank you BB, I really hope so.x

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohhh hello you!
I am finally catching up on blogs and getting myself ready to start my old school blogging adventures again.

Rain said...

What a coincidence...I had the same issue last night! I went to sleep exhausted...but then my thoughts took over...all about cheese though lol. I think I managed maybe 3 hours of sleep. Plus I do have night sweats that really upset my balance. You are definitely moving to a magical place! I'm very envious!!! :)

Victoria said...

Wonderful about your new place,sounds magical and inspiring ! It s amazing how when we want to sleep our minds get creative and whirl with all kinds of thoughts and ideas! Beautiful photos and magical images...thanks for this beautiful feast!
Have a sparkling evening...hope you have been getting better sleeps!

rossichka said...

I'm so happy for you! What can be more important than to love the place where you live? It's a new beginning, in every sense, for you!xx