Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Sketching tutorial.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself an expert handing out advice, but it occurred to me that I could at least share the system I use for creating faces.

First I start with the basic head shape, if you like, it's a bit like drawing the brain and then building it from there.  It all takes a bit of practise and as you can see from the sketches, no two heads are the same. I've written notes on my page, but basically, I divide the face into thirds, coming down one third for the eyes. Then come down another third for the nose and then divide the final gap in half and put a line in for the mouth.  The top of the ear should be level with the eye.

By changing the angle of the eye line you can position the head however you like. Play with the features until you find a look you're happy with.
If this is helpful for anyone, please comment and I'll do some more. I'm enjoying playing with my sketchbook and may have more pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Overdone it a bit!

I'm more than a bit tired today, in fact I'm flat out cream crackered!

Yesterday I painted the garage and front door for the photos for the Estate Agent. It all looked so tired and old that I had to take action.
Moomin's room also got a complete make over and I have to admit that painting and decorating with her is just so much more fun than by myself. I think the hardest bit was clearing out all her clutter, she's possibly worse than me!!!
I love my little house so much and will miss it enormously but it's time to move on to a bigger adventure :D

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The waiting game!

My little house will be on the market next week!  Eeeek, that's so hard for me to get my thoughts around! I've lived here for 20 years and it's going to be quite a wrench.  I can't believe how much 'stuff' I've accumulated over the years, heaps of it, some only fit for the tip!!!

This weekend will be filled with last minute painting and fixing jobs and then I have to just sit back and wait for someone to fall in love with this place! The Agent is hopeful.  Thankfully I have a small team of trusty helpers to deal with the difficult stuff, although what I'm finding hardest is throwing away things I may need one day! Huh! Who would have guessed I was a secret hoarder, lol!

Once all the work is done, I'll be retreating to the garden studio to calm my nerves and paint. There may be a solo exhibition  in the next few months. I've applied and recieved an answer but I don't have enough items yet. I'd better get going I guess!!!  Wish me luck.x

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Playing with inks.

I love my new pens, they're so much fun to play with. There will be so many more sketches on their way :D  This is just a warm up,
and this one is a sort of tribute to one of my favourite artists, Susan Seddon-Boulet. She painted all manner of animals and people bound by spiritual links. This one of a bear and crow have a lot of personal meaning for me. The bear represents healing and the crow is one of my totem spirits.
Soon, I hope to be acutally painting again!!!  I know! What a shock ;)